The Book

Learn to Live the Animal-Human Bond

I Promise You: An Introduction to Living the Animal-Human Bond by Edwin Fontánez is a guide for both children and adults to learn the simple steps that can be taken to reduce animal abuse and abandonment. Written in a refreshing and easy-to-understand style, I Promise You also offers themes for discussion not only at home but in the classroom as well. The book’s surprisingly simple ideas will empower readers to take action, starting with their own promise to care properly for their pets. The guide’s informative chapters cover subjects ranging from adoption statistics and animal behavior to pet safety and grooming. Most importantly, I Promise You helps readers make the most of their relationship with their pets and understand the principles of ethical and humane treatment of animals. Available in English or Spanish.

Chelo and I

Chelo and I “found” each other in Puerto Rico on December 18, 2006. Chelo was six months old and a stray. My experience of finding him—just one lucky cat among millions of other strays—has served as the inspiration for this book. 

My purpose for writing this guide is two-fold: first to celebrate the auspicious event of finding Chelo; secondly, and more importantly, to share my experience and help demystify the common misconceptions about animals that often lead to abuse or abandonment. Through this basic introduction, I hope I can encourage individuals to discover the rewards of caring for and protecting animals. I also hope I can help people understand how some of our actions can lead to an animal becoming homeless. Caring for an animal is not only enjoyable but it also helps us to discover our humanity.    

My on-going goal is to join efforts with other concerned organizations and individuals and, through public education, fight for the right to ethical treatment for all animals. This guide can be shared with friends, teachers, associates, and other concerned individuals who believe that all animals should be treated ethically.

Helping is very simple. With every purchase of any of these products from our "I Promise You" Boutique, a portion of the proceeds pay for donations of much-needed materials to local no-kill shelters. Your contributions will help those institutions that have the expertise but not all the resources they need. With your help we all can continue the fight against animal abuse and abandonment by educating the community.